Terrell’s programming closes the gap on misinformation and lack of opportunities as it relates to being fully prepared academically, athletically and socially to be successful in high school and beyond. Terrell has a passion and truly cares about helping youth succeed.

Melissa Peach

Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, UAlbany

Terrell’s message is one that all student-athletes should hear. His passion and knowledge of the NCAA Eligibility process made his talk engaging to our student athletes.

Dominick Pitaniello

Athletic Director, Rensselaer High School

When you talk about excellence in reaching student-athletes, Terrell Dozier surpasses any and every expectation for a successful program that assists student-athletes and their families with navigating the NCAA Eligibility Process.

Emmanuel “Book” Richardson

Director of Boys Basketball, New York Gauchos

Terrell’s frank and direct communication style but more importantly his honesty, has proved invaluable in reaching not only our student-athletes but our parents as well. Too often both kids and parents want “microwave success” with no sense of urgency or accountability, but Terrell shatters that with the way he delivers his services.

James Hart

Director, City Rocks Basketball